Video Conference with more features, more functionality.


White Label Customisation options

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    Add a custom audio greeting

    Play your preferred greetings when participants join Users’ meetings.

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    Add a custom logo

    Display your logo for your portal, and make it more professional.

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    Change theme & colours

    Select your preferred color scheme out of five predefined schemes for the portal.

Improve Productivity with intelligence.

  • Artificial Intelligence based Transcription

    Create an automatic transcript of your meeting. Our complex algorithms discern when different speakers are speaking, and can also calculate dates and dollar value.

  • Auto Tag

    WeConference automatically transcribes your recording and distinguishes common topics frequently addressed in conversation and tags your meeting summaries for easy search.

  • Meeting Summaries

    A searchable record is automatically compiled after every meeting that summarizes attendees, chat logs, timestamps, documents, recordings and transcripts.

  • Smart Search Assistant

    Search keywords using WeConference’s built-in search tool for meeting results matching content from transcriptions, chat messages, filenames, meeting contacts, and more.

  • Live Video Streaming

    Easily stream your online meeting to Youtube with just the click of a button.

Seamless HD Audio & Video Conferencing

  • HD Video with Screen and Document Sharing

    Enrich your communications with an immersive 1080p video conference. Share screens and share/upload documents in your online web conference.

  • DHD Audio Conferencing

    Moderator and/or Participants can join conferences using a fixed line, mobile phone or IP phone through PSTN network. They can talk and listen in the conference.

  • Scheduling, Email Invitations & Reminder

    Registered users can schedule future meetings through web portal. Meeting invitations and reminders by email sent to all participants

  • Record in-conference Audio & Video

    Now record the whole meeting in audio/ video format with ease.

  • Standard Set Voice Prompts & Music on Hold

    Set voice prompt and Play music to participants when moderator has not started the meeting.

  • Dial-In Number

    Audio options for attendees through Dial-In Numbers

Security features for every meeting

  • Meeting Lock

    Prevent unwanted participants from joining your call by locking the meeting and requiring additional joiners to ask permission.

  • Security Code (Additional Layer)

    Protect your discussions with an additional privacy layer of access permission when entering a conference.

  • One-Time Access code

    Ensure each call is unique and private with a one-time access code, validated for the duration of a specified, scheduled conference call

Always on Customer Support

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    Online Support Portal

    Generic fault reporting and support through email and an FAQ section on Portal.

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    Online Knowledge Base & FAQ

    All content is optimized to be searchable for better self-service.

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    24*7 Local Support

    24*7 Service Reliability
    & Support through Call/Email/Whatsapp